There are 7 universally recognized style personalities, and it’s important to understand which one you are. Luckily, these styles aren’t set in stone, so you can combine traits to develop your own unique style. In addition to trying on clothes, you can take a style quiz and create a Pinterest board with outfit ideas to inspire you. Whether you’re a newcomer to the fashion world or an experienced professional, there are a few things you can do to find your own style.

How To Find My Style
How To Find My Style

Identifying your style type

There are two distinct styles. A Developed Style Type and a Developed Personality Style. Each style reflects a specific personality. The dominant styles are both dominant in their own way, while the Developed Personality Style is unique to each individual. The Developed Personality Style reflects the person’s personality as shaped by their environment, background, geography, and education. The Developed Personality Style is the most universal of the two, representing the majority of people.

If you are unsure which one you are, try to identify the style icons who influence you most. It’s rare to find one single style icon. The best way to figure out which style is yours is to use Pinterest. Save images of the style icons you like, and start to notice who’s your biggest influence. Once you’ve identified which style icons you like, you’re halfway to identifying your own personal style.

Once you’ve identified your style, you’ll be able to understand what clothing styles work for you. It is important to remember that each individual’s style is different, and that you should be true to your own. By taking the time to discover yourself and your own unique style, you’ll be more likely to look and feel your best. You’ll also be able to better express your personality with your clothes.

Your style guide is your personal muse. Once you identify your style guide, you can follow it to achieve your personal style goals. This style guide is your own best style consultant. You can combine traits from the other Super Styles to find your own personal style. If you don’t find the same traits in these Super Styles, consider using a combination of traits that appeal to you. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll come up with.

Trying on new clothes

One way to discover your personal style is to try on different clothes. Buying clothes that do not fit is a common mistake. Try to avoid sales and buy only what fits. The following example shows how Rita Palazzi shows off her ankles in jeans. If you’re curious, you can watch the style interview here and learn more about her fashion sense. Then, try on the jeans that suit your figure best and your personal style.

Taking a style quiz

Taking a style quiz can help you determine what looks and feels best on you. The following are five fashion types and their corresponding personality traits. Free spirits prefer flowing silhouettes and feminine features. They love muted colors and florals and will look stunning in delicate designs. They love to accessorize with both minimal jewelry and larger eclectic finds. They are comfortable in ballet flats and strappy sandals.

Learning to identify one’s own sense of style is a lengthy process, and it can take years to develop a signature look. The more realistic approach is to build a wardrobe based on a pre-established fashion style. If you’re not sure where to begin, a style quiz can help you focus your efforts. Even if you’ve loved fashion for years, picking a style can be a difficult decision.

Taking a style quiz will tell you exactly which outfits flatter your shape and personality. Many of these tests ask questions about your body type, clothing taste, and lifestyle. If you’re athletic, you’ll likely gravitate toward athleisure clothing. Casual sportswear, sneakers, and athletic apparel are common among people with an athletic lifestyle. A sense of style can take years to develop, but with the help of a style quiz, it can become an effortless process.

Taking a style quiz is an excellent way to build a list of clients. You can segment your audience by defining their style and sending them the right message at the right time. The questions are designed to help leads identify which outfits would look best on them. These quiz questions include a description of your fashion style and tips for trend-setting season. This method can be very effective for establishing a relationship with prospective clients and building a successful business.

Creating a Pinterest board of outfit ideas

Using a style board is a great way to translate your personal style into wearable outfits. You’ll be able to identify key elements of your look, such as colour palettes, outfit formulas, and staple items. You can then use your board to develop your wardrobe, either through restyled pieces you already own or by purchasing new clothes. Alternatively, you can create your own style board by pinning different images of outfits that inspire you.

Creating a style board on Pinterest will give you outfit ideas and inspire you to recreate them. Make sure you don’t copy anything exactly, though. Instead, look for similar colors and prints and try to incorporate those into your wardrobe. By creating a board of outfit ideas on Pinterest, you’ll have a more cohesive and personalized style. It will also be easier to find outfits that you love.

If you don’t have a style board, don’t worry: Pinterest is an excellent resource for finding new outfit ideas. You can pin photos from all over the internet and look for patterns and colors. You might find that you’re drawn to neutrals or prints in particular. This is the perfect opportunity to find your personal style and create your own. There’s no need to pin anything right away – just keep adding new pins until you find what you like.

A style board should contain images of hairstyles, makeup, and nails. These are all important components of everyday outfits and can make a huge difference to the outfit you wear. These elements are also important in making your existing wardrobe more wearable. Moreover, they can help you get the right look for any occasion. It’s worth making your style board aesthetically appealing by adding a few more pins of clothes.

Changing your style

There are many benefits to changing your style. For example, you can change your wardrobe, add accessories, and improve your look without spending a lot of money. And because fashion is subjective, you can try on anything you want, from clothes to shoes. If you’re tired of your current style, try something new: swap out your shoes for chunky boots or a skirt for a dress. Change up your wardrobe by finding new ways to pair old clothes and add your own twist.

First, you’ll need to decide which pieces you like and which ones don’t. A great way to do this is to create a Pinterest Style Mood Board and start pinning images of celebrities with the look you want. If you’re looking to try a new look in a particular category, the more images you pin, the better. Also, the more you pin, the more likely you are to find a new style you love!


Finding your personal style is an important part of life. It can help you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. While it may take some time and experimentation to find what works best for you, the process is worth it. We hope these tips have helped you get started on finding your unique fashion sense. What are some things you’ve tried that have worked well for you?

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